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Monday, September 23, 2013


Police said Monday they have found the body of a teenage girl at the home of a woman who was taken into custody after causing a disturbance at Fukuoka Airport.

According to police, the 58-year-old woman was taken into protective custody after she arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon without money or a passport and tried to board a flight. TBS quoted police as saying that the woman had only a few yen on her person and next to nothing in her bank account.

After detaining the woman, officers visited her Kumamoto home and found the decaying remains of a girl, believed to be the woman’s 16-year-old daughter, in her kitchen. An autopsy on the girl’s partially skeletal remains revealed she died between two and six months ago, police said.

The girl’s mother had reportedly not met her best friend or husband, who was living and working elsewhere, for a number of years. She had reportedly removed her daughter from the school system several years earlier and refused to accept visits from state welfare officers, TBS reported.

Police said she has been rambling and kept repeating, “I wanted to go overseas.”

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